Doc Vader vs. the electronic health record

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…what an uncannily accurate description of how it feels to practice in our very own “modern” health care system. In a world brimming over with exponential tech advances — supercomputer smartphones with user interfaces an embryo...

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Antibiotics: The repercussions of overprescribing

We’ve heard it before: antibiotics just don’t work for viral infections. Docs know this, and I think most patients know this, but it’s an addiction we’ve had a hard time shaking. Docs overprescribe because it’s fast, it’s easy, and it (might) increase patient...

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An ingrown toenail is not a lung transplant

Here’s a quick review of health care delivery basics: Primary care - Stuff you can get handled with your primary care provider in your neighborhood. Example: ingrown toenail. Secondary care - Stuff your primary care provider refers to a secondary provider specialist...

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Why your vocabulary affects patient outcomes

You ask your patient to follow instructions and when they see you at their subsequent visit, they have not made the changes you suggested. We have all been there, often times placing the blame on their lack of interest in their health. Have you ever thought to dig a...

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